Hospitality Canopy



  • The Hospitality Canopy uses vertical uprights to support the rafters, making it possible to project a great distance from the side of the trailer creating a large covered work or merchandising space.
  • Bally curtains are used to enclose the perimeter of the canopy for crowd control.
  • This style can be made to extend beyond the length of the trailer in both directions.
  • Common projections are 20-feet from side of trailer, but projections up to 30-feet are possible.
  • The Hospitality is primarily seen on semi-trailers.

Standard Features

  • Clear anodized aluminum frame components.
  • Quick release spinnaker fittings on rafters for attachment to trailer
  • Heavy-duty storage bags for frame and fabric
  • Bally curtains for crowd control and advertising
  • Upper-Half curtains for privacy
  • Installation zipper flap for ease of installation
  • Rain drains sewn into top cover
  • Fire retardant fabric
  • Water resistant fabric


  • Rafters Wired For Electricity, Air Hoses, Etc.
  • LED Lighting
  • Custom Flooring
  • Mesh Fabric End Panels
  • Canopy Bracket Connection In Lieu Of Spinnaker Fittings (Lower Cost)
  • Custom Graphics
  • Air Vents In End Panels
  • Clear Vinyl Windows In Upper Half Curtains
  • Clear Vinyl Half-Length Sidewalls Or Zippered Windows With Storage Bag

Hospitality Canopy Gallery